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Wasted Dream III

Wasted Dream III

Yep. So this is coming up in a few weeks time and it is just the first of several exciting announcements and events that I have coming up over the next few months – I’m going to be all over the place and loving it.

This time around for the third installment of the show we have moved out of the DIY music venue and into the DIY art space. The Box Gallery is nestled in the heart of West End (, we’re definitly coming up in the world. I will have three new works on show which will be nestled in amongst a whole heap of great made by my friends.

If you want to have a sticky-beak at some of the works that are being made then you should head over to or better still, go join the facebook event and share/invite your friends to come along too!


Trouble In Paradise

It never really occurred to me, the amount of art I have made that is intertwined with music. Both music that I love and music that I love to make. It wasn’t until the folks at Paradise Hills Gallery in Melbourne recently asked me to be part of their latest R’n’R-themed art show titled ‘Trouble In Paradise’ that I looked over my shoulder and realised the plethora of woodcuts I had that fit the bill.

This is the poster for the show.

From the various commissions and labour of love projects, I’ve chosen a couple of my favourites to exhibit next week… Some of them you will have seen if you’ve been to exhibitions of mine in the past. Others are brand new or rarely seen.

Given the theme, I will be focusing mainly on woodcuts that I’ve done as artwork for bands and musicians. On display and available for purchase will be the original artwork that adorns Kellie Lloyd’s new solo album. The original artwork and very last print that I did for Melbourne band Harmony’s debut 7″. The very last woodcut of artwork used by Brisbane/Austrian musician Heinz Riegler. And a portrait of Mikel from Brisbane/Melbourne hardcore punk band Teargas (below).

…and this? Well, this is a close up of a woodcut that will hopefully go on to have a life long after I’m finished with it. Tim at Tym Guitars and I dreamt up the idea of me using a guitar as a woodblock and on paper it seemed straightforward enough. In the end, it turned out to be a huge challenge and on the most expensive piece of wood that I’ve used to date. So far I have carved and printed both sides of the guitar and hand-printed an edition of four prints. Right now the body is with Tim who is putting the neck and guts onto it and with any luck the guitar will be hanging alongside the print at the show next week.

Anyway, I’m pretty stoked to be showing some of my work and seeing as I won’t be having a show of my own this year, it will be one of my few art outings.

It all opens Friday next week and you can keep up to date by clicking these links below:



All Over Bar The Shooting

Well last Friday and Saturday, myself and six of my friends set ourselves up in a DIY warehouse space, usually home for underground gigs and band rehearsals. We hung our works around the room, set up a projector at one end of the room to play our favourite westerns and spent the night hanging out with all our friends both old and brand new.

Above are the woodcuts I had on display. I side-stepped the often expensive job of framing all my works with the help of some foamcore, bull-dog clips and a few bits of balsawood – setting up what I think was an aesthetically please display.

I have to send out a big lot of thanks, not only to the wonderful folks who came and bought my prints but all those who braved the unwelcome inclement weather over the two days of the show.

As far as I’m concerned, it was the most fun I’ve ever had at an art show and the Spaghetti Western theme played a big part of it! When was the last time you got to sit in a gallery, surrounded by some awesome art, having a drink and watching ‘A Few Dollars More’?

Here are all the works I contributed. They will appear online for sale HERE in the next day or so. Make sure you check back in.

Title: Lee Van Cleef  (2012)

Colour Woodcut on Kozo paper

45cm x 18cm

Edition of 10

Title: Two Horses Too Many (2011)

Woodcut & Gouache on Rives Etching Paper

36 x 15cm

Edition of 5

Title: Draw (2011)

Colour Woodcut on Kozo paper

36 x 15cm
Edition of 10

Title: El Corazon (2012)

Woodcut & Gouache on Rives Etching Paper

20.5 x 29cm

Open Edition

Title: El Nopal (2012)

Woodcut & Gouache on Rives Etching Paper

20.5 x 29cm

Open Edition

Title: Who Are You?

Woodcut & Gouache on Rives Etching Paper

29,5 x 13cm

Edition of 5

Title: Sugar Skull (2011)

Colour Woodcut on Kozo paper

20 x 35cm

Edition of 3

Title: Make Something (2011)

Colour Woodcut on Kozo paper

29cm x 29cm

Edition of 10

Title: El Mariachi (2011)

Woodcut (Test Print) on Butcher’s Paper

32 x 39.5cm

Test Pressing

Coming Soon…

A Sneak Peak and the word on Wasted Dream

Here’s the word on the Group art show I will be a part of in a few weeks time. It would be great to see as many folk here as possible. Burst City really, truly is my favourite music venue in all of Brisbane right now!

Here’s a sneak peak of one of my new woodcuts. I will have a bunch more new and some revisited woodcuts as well as some of my photography and other creations.

And here’s the official word…

Combining the talents of seven Brisbane-based underground artists who have played at, attended, supported and gravitated toward Burst City, WASTED DREAM shows that this city’s visual artists are as diverse and vital as its music scene.

In 2009, as Fortitude Valley continued to decay with its soup of mainstream culture and nightlife, the doors were thrown open to a new underground venue called Burst City. Since its inception it has become associated with DIY punk and hardcore gigs for both local, touring and international bands. As the venue grows to bring into its fold independent and underground bands and music of all persuasions, Burst City will open its doors to its first art exhibition on Saturday 4 December.

This one-night exhibition will showcase a plethora of talent, including the latest extreme and macabre illustrations by Murdoch Stafford, fresh off the plane from exhibiting in Los Angeles. A new batch of woodcut prints will hang alongside photographs by No Anchor’s Alex Gillies. Disturbingly beautiful embroidery will come care of Jade Green and Mikel from Australia’s best new hardcore band Teargas will cover the walls with his visuals of a shattered hell!

WASTED DREAM will also feature the diverse talents of artists Michael Fullard, McKenzie Briggs and Damien Noise – again highlighting Burst City’s determination to provide a platform for artists unknown to a wider audience but just as compelling.

WASTED DREAM is on for one night only on Saturday 4 December at Burst City, 69 Grey St, South Brisbane (directly across the road from the Qld Museum of big dead things).

We highly recommend that you bring your own wine and cheese!

Coming Soon! Wasted Dream: A Group Art Show

Stay tuned. More details in the coming days including new works by me.