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Show On Brunswick St

Brunswick St, Fitzroy Melbourne that is.

The show opened back on the 26th February at the Brunswick St Gallery and it was a fun adventure showing my work interstate and, well just being in Melbourne for a few days.

That’s the gallery on the second and third floor. Kabab shops either side of the entrance.

A big thanks also to Tom L. & Trent who came into town to check my stuff out. It was great to see my friends there!

Now while the trip was meant to primarily be about the art show, I did have a secret agenda. That was to go into a place called Neil Wallace Printing Supplies. The best art supply shop in Australia for relief printers! I was pretty happy to get my hands on three Japanese woodcarving tools, all U shaped tools at 4.5mm, 3mm & 1.5mm. They’re made to last a lifetime and apparently they are made with folded steel, the same way Japanese swords are made. The Rollers were also a big deal for me. I’ve been working with one, ok, 20cm roller for the last year and a half. Now I have these top shelf numbers (and a little speedball roller for good measure). Add two multiple line engraving tools, two really fine Arkansas sharpening stones, and a old second hand Albrect Durer book for twenty-five dollars. It didn’t surprise me when I cracked the thousand dollar mark for everything but I didn’t care, these tools are likely to outlast me if I treat them with the respect they deserve. Here’s to the many exciting images that come from their use.


New Works On Show In Melbourne

Above is the invite for an exhibition I’m going to be a part of at The Brunswick St Gallery in Fitzroy, Melbourne in February. Very exciting for me.

Oh, and a new year, a new look for this blog. That way you can scroll down and see more of what I do. Enjoy and thanks for stopping by.