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Harmony & Heartache

Some good friends of mine from Melbourne have a band called Harmony and I think they’re pretty damn good. The bees knees as a matter of fact! Thing is that there are six of them. This is good when it comes to the music and the singing and such but bad when it comes to affordable independent touring!

This Friday and Saturday they’re playing here in Brisbane as part of their national ‘Heartache’ tour.

Friday night: X&Y Bar (Ann St in the Valley)
Saturday night: The Waiting Room (Browning St in West End)

Because we’re lucky enough to get two shows, I initially though of doing a poster for it all. This however, in my usual way of getting carried away with things, meant that I ended up carving out a special woodcut and hand printing 20 prints instead.

I figured if I make 10 prints for each show and the band sell them for a few bob, then it may help them with the petrol money and get all six of them safely home to Melbourne (instead of leaving one or two on the side of the road half way home). That (joke) aside, I’m sure they will sell out both shows, be great to watch and these prints will make wonderful mementos of it all.

All of the prints have the same illustration but are printed in a unique fashion…

There’s definitely a lot happening this coming weekend. On Friday night I for one am having an art exhibition opening a few blocks down the street at the White Canvas Gallery which is where I will be before X&Y.

If you don’t have Harmony’s debut album yet, bring a few extra bucks to the show and get it!

Before then you can check them out here: Harmony Bandcamp

Or at these various facebook pages cause that’s where people seem to hang out these days.
Harmony Facebook
Waiting Room Facebook
X&Y Facebook


Glorious Cacophonous Vibes

Yesterday I received the the most awesome package in the mail. The debut 7″ single by Melbourne band Harmony. My good friend Tom Lyngcoln is the voice and the raging storm of this band and the music is easily as good as anything Tom has done in his other (amazing) band The Nation Blue.

But you see that’s not the half of it. The thing that made me real damn happy and proud was the fact that Tom asked me late last year if I would be willing to do the cover-art for the seven-inch. Something that would fit the vibe of the songs enclosed. The record sounds great. It’s on pristine white vinyl and somehow cause it’s a record, it’s worth more to me personally.

The print as you can see is of a person crouched down with their head in their hands. When I first started it, it was to me a woman crouched down but when someone who saw the print of this asked me the other day… “is that you in that picture?” I guess it’s a bit more ambiguous and that’s probably a good thing.

It means a real lot to me to have a woodcut of mine living with the songs of Harmony. So far it’s this years high water mark!

…and here is the my original print. I’ve posthumously titled it ‘Cacophonous Vibes’ and it’s 29.5cm x 39.5cm