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Trouble In Paradise

It never really occurred to me, the amount of art I have made that is intertwined with music. Both music that I love and music that I love to make. It wasn’t until the folks at Paradise Hills Gallery in Melbourne recently asked me to be part of their latest R’n’R-themed art show titled ‘Trouble In Paradise’ that I looked over my shoulder and realised the plethora of woodcuts I had that fit the bill.

This is the poster for the show.

From the various commissions and labour of love projects, I’ve chosen a couple of my favourites to exhibit next week… Some of them you will have seen if you’ve been to exhibitions of mine in the past. Others are brand new or rarely seen.

Given the theme, I will be focusing mainly on woodcuts that I’ve done as artwork for bands and musicians. On display and available for purchase will be the original artwork that adorns Kellie Lloyd’s new solo album. The original artwork and very last print that I did for Melbourne band Harmony’s debut 7″. The very last woodcut of artwork used by Brisbane/Austrian musician Heinz Riegler. And a portrait of Mikel from Brisbane/Melbourne hardcore punk band Teargas (below).

…and this? Well, this is a close up of a woodcut that will hopefully go on to have a life long after I’m finished with it. Tim at Tym Guitars and I dreamt up the idea of me using a guitar as a woodblock and on paper it seemed straightforward enough. In the end, it turned out to be a huge challenge and on the most expensive piece of wood that I’ve used to date. So far I have carved and printed both sides of the guitar and hand-printed an edition of four prints. Right now the body is with Tim who is putting the neck and guts onto it and with any luck the guitar will be hanging alongside the print at the show next week.

Anyway, I’m pretty stoked to be showing some of my work and seeing as I won’t be having a show of my own this year, it will be one of my few art outings.

It all opens Friday next week and you can keep up to date by clicking these links below:




Magnetic North

Ahhh… the tumbling, tumbleweeds. It’s been a bit like that around here lately.  After the flurry of activity from the art show in February, I’ve had to have more downtime than I wanted. Last month I found out that my swollen left wrist was actually a ruptured tendon in said wrist. Apart from the fact that I’m left handed, this was a bit of a kick in the pants and has meant a severe curbing of my bike riding, playing the drums, lifting heavy boxes and of course… doing any woodcuts! In fact I haven’t made one woodcut since January and I’m not too happy about it either.

Thankfully there’s no shortage of good books in the world to read! And good music to put on whilst reading. I am happy to say that one great thing that’s happened this week is that I’ve received this…

This is the new album by my friend and talented musician Kelly Lloyd. Last year she had me work on the coverart for her latest solo album (above). She has spent a long time working on this album and before that even longer in her band Screamfeeder. All worth your time as far as I’m concerned.

The album is out in a few weeks time (24th April) . You can find out more and have a listen by heading over to Kellie’s BANDCAMP page.  The cover is inspired by a tune that’s on the album… three guesses on which song it is?

Kellie Lloyd: Magnetic North

A few months ago I was asked by a friend and great local musician Kellie Lloyd (she’s also in the rad Brisbane band Screamfeeder) to help her with the visual element of her forthcoming solo album. She commissioned me to do a series of woodcuts and after listening to her album ‘Magnetic North’ there definitely were a wealth of ideas.

Kellie liked some of the those ideas and a few of the woodcuts are starting to crop up on her posters for gigs that she’s doing around the country. Here’s a sneak peak of one of those woodcuts.

The print is called ‘Made Of Stars’ and comes from a song on her album which is looking to come out early next year but she is launching a flexi-disc single in the coming weeks so you should go check it out!

Kellie’s Facebook page

Kellie has also made herself a video for the song…

We Are made Of Stars from Kellie Lloyd – Magnetic North on Vimeo.

I can’t wait to hear… and see the final album! I’ll be sure to blab all about it on here!