Home Taping Is Killing Music

Or so they said some 20 odd years ago. Thankfully those dark days are over. Possibly because a lot of folks don’t have tape players any more but that’s just a theory on my part.

My friend Heinz Riegler is however bucking the trend and releasing a tape of his music this week. It is a summation of 10 years of various bands, soundtrack projects and solo material – all spliced together into one 30-minute collage of sound. He’s touring the East coast of Australia over the next few weeks with guitar, backing singers and of course, tapes in hand. Check out all the details at: http://www.heinzriegler.com/

Considering this for Heinz was very much a DIY project, he got me on board to be a part of it by making some cover art for the release. A few days and a nice little woodblock later I started printing up this.

Tape 1

Now I did 60 in the blue because that’s the edition of tapes there are to be sold. On top of that I did up around another 20 in orange/gold (depending in the light) for the other artists who are on the tape with Heinz. All ‘n’ all, it was a decent amount of printing over the a period of a couple of days. This was a really fun project to be honest, especially because I’ve had mixed results in the past with commissioned works.

Tape 2

Tape 3

  1. June 25th, 2012

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