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Next up…

The Doggett Street Studio Christmas show that I will have five new pieces in…

Whoever said December was the busy/silly season was pretty much right!



Heinz’s 7-inch Launch At Doggett St Studios

Here’s some photos from the art launch of Heinz Reigler’s 7-inch launch at Doggett Street Studio. The show is on for another week.

The closest ones have my cover art.

John says “Give me that one”!

It’s Emma’s portrait that I turned into a woodcut for Heinz’s record. Emma is still as modest about it as she was when I first started.

(clockwise from left) Me, Bo, Stephen, Heinz. Bo and Stephen were the other two artists who contributed artwork.

Us with Darren who was also was a huge help in getting the record released.

Good times.


Thank you to everyone who came down to Doggett Street Studio last night for the opening of my show. It’s a shame that it was all such a blur because I had great conversations with so many terrific people and friends. If you’re yet to make it down or would like to see it all again, Doggett has put up pictures on their website of all of the works that are available. The show is still hanging until the 26th June so you can pop down and have a look in person between Wednesday and Saturday over the next three weeks. Should something catch your eye, there are still prints available in each edition so feel free to give the gallery a call.

Link To The Online Details Of My Art Show

Such a big chapter of learning seemed to close last night with everyone seeing the last 12 months of my excursions, experiments and ideas made real. But that’s not actually the case. Today I start the next experiment and my next big challenge with a new type of wood that I’ve never carved into before… stay tuned to see where this leads.

My 2nd Annual Show of New Works

Here I was all chilled and quietly going about my way, getting my prints framed and thinking that it would be good to show everyone soon when a great opportunity landed in my lap last week. I’m going to have my second show of prints and woodcuts at the Doggett St Studios in Teneriffe, opening on Friday June 4th. This means that the house is now a hive of activity as I prepare everything. The corner of my bedroom is stacked with newly framed works ready to show…

…and of course, I have decided to make a book to coincide with it all. Here are all the raw materials (that I’ve spent the whole weekend preparing) ready for assembly:

As soon as invites and details are finalised in the next few days I will put them up here and let you know. It’s exciting, I’ve just realised that I have around 20 new pieces both big and tiny.

So keep the 4th June, 6-8pm free and stay tuned.