Thank you to everyone who came down to Doggett Street Studio last night for the opening of my show. It’s a shame that it was all such a blur because I had great conversations with so many terrific people and friends. If you’re yet to make it down or would like to see it all again, Doggett has put up pictures on their website of all of the works that are available. The show is still hanging until the 26th June so you can pop down and have a look in person between Wednesday and Saturday over the next three weeks. Should something catch your eye, there are still prints available in each edition so feel free to give the gallery a call.

Link To The Online Details Of My Art Show

Such a big chapter of learning seemed to close last night with everyone seeing the last 12 months of my excursions, experiments and ideas made real. But that’s not actually the case. Today I start the next experiment and my next big challenge with a new type of wood that I’ve never carved into before… stay tuned to see where this leads.

    • Kylie
    • June 4th, 2010

    Hey Alex and Eileen….
    Just wanted to say thanks for last night – your work is just beautiful andmind blowing! The detail is incredible.
    We really enjoyed ourselves and look forwardto buying a print down the track.
    Enjoy your new wood!

    • jenny Kelly
    • June 5th, 2010

    Your war related images are distastful and vile. They offer a dreadful , overwhelming feeling of “too much information.” Most upsetting, but good enough to end up at the war memorial gallery.
    Weel done,


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