Getting Back On Board

Well I feel like I’ve finally got something to blog about after such a quiet time online over the last few months.

I’m back in the swing of things and making more art after a few months away from it. One of the first pieces on my now long list was a contribution to the annual group show ‘I Used To Skate Once’ – now in it’s eighth year. I’ve been to every one and have at least four boards hanging in my house from other artists who have shown there.

This will be my fourth year of contributing to the show (my last effort was back in 2010. More on that one HERE). I’ve taken the same approach as with all my boards by using the deck as a woodblock and carving the image into the skateboard. Unless you trawl through the ancient history of this blog you might not know that my first ever woodcut was on a skateboard deck back in 2008.

This year I’ve used a 70’s style flat shortboard. Great for cruising around on if you feel a bit past your prime with your kick flips or rail grinds. I’ve taken the time to sand back both sides of the board, carve it, paint it and properly lacquer it so now that the trucks are back on, it’s a road-ready, fully functioning board. My greatest dream with this skateboard is that if someone likes it and decides to buy it at the show that they’ll use it to ride around on. It would make me so happy to see someone using this rather than putting it on a shelf and just looking at it… we’ll see.

Oh, and of course I’m not going to give the whole game away just yet. So this is a sneak peak of just the underside of the skateboard.The main art is on the top side but  you’ll have to come to show to see that although I’ll probably post a pic up after the show been on.

The quote itself is just how I’ve been living for the last few years. I always do everything I can right now just in case I’m not around for much longer(although I do hope I am). If you’ve ever taken a skateboard to the streets then you’ll understand…

I Used To Skate Once 8 is on for one night only Thursday 8th June at The Zoo in Fortitude Valley.
It’s put on by the (always incredible) Matt Brady of The Outpost

…and more news coming in the next week or so about another amazing art show that I’m a part of in July!

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