I had never really thought about my woodcuts ending up on clothing until recently. Then before I knew it in quick succession, I had three different woodcut images boldly plastered on complete strangers. It’s a funny thing standing at a gig (like when I went and saw Helmet the other week) and there is some fellow I’ve never seen before wearing a t-shirt with my woodcut on it.

This is a t-shirt for my band, No Anchor. When we released our record recently I did the cover art and it was decided by the band to take that cover image and adapt it to a t-shirt to go with said album.

Die On Planes are a relatively unknown but completely mind-melting band based here in Brisbane. They asked me to design up a t-shirt for them. I went with amps because Die On Planes are all about amps, lots and lots of amps. You should check them out live and take some earplugs just for good measure.

This one, I have to say is my favourite and came as quite a surprise. I was asked to do up artwork for a seven-inch single by the Melbourne band Harmony. This in itself was a great and rewarding experience but when the band arrived in Brisbane to launch their record a few months later, they pulled out a whole box of these t-shirts. I didn’t know they’d made them but lucky for all of us they’re great looking t-shirts and I was just stoked for my girlfriend and I to have one to wear. She looks great in it but I haven’t gotten up the courage to wear mine yet. It feels a bit to much like self promotion.

Who knows what’s next… teatowels?

    • murdoch
    • July 24th, 2011

    nah wear it, no way im missing out on Teargas shirts

  1. Very nice!

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