Luddite Book at GOMA and Canvas Print

A little update because things have been quiet round here. I’m still working on the triptych of woodcuts that I started back at the beginning of June. In fact I’m only half way through this project. I hope to have them finished by the end of the year, so things are probably going to stay quiet for a while yet. Recently though I went and did some test prints of the first completed part of the triptych. This was both scary and fun. Thankfully I had my friend Jaceck (and his press) to make sure it all worked.

In other news, a while ago I mentioned that the handmade books I’ve made were available from the Brisbane Gallery Of Modern Art. The other day when I was there I decided to take a photo of my books on display. It was great to hear that they only have four copies currently left in stock.

…and this is the limited original print that comes with each copy of the book and will not be available elsewhere.

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