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Harmony & Heartache

Some good friends of mine from Melbourne have a band called Harmony and I think they’re pretty damn good. The bees knees as a matter of fact! Thing is that there are six of them. This is good when it comes to the music and the singing and such but bad when it comes to affordable independent touring!

This Friday and Saturday they’re playing here in Brisbane as part of their national ‘Heartache’ tour.

Friday night: X&Y Bar (Ann St in the Valley)
Saturday night: The Waiting Room (Browning St in West End)

Because we’re lucky enough to get two shows, I initially though of doing a poster for it all. This however, in my usual way of getting carried away with things, meant that I ended up carving out a special woodcut and hand printing 20 prints instead.

I figured if I make 10 prints for each show and the band sell them for a few bob, then it may help them with the petrol money and get all six of them safely home to Melbourne (instead of leaving one or two on the side of the road half way home). That (joke) aside, I’m sure they will sell out both shows, be great to watch and these prints will make wonderful mementos of it all.

All of the prints have the same illustration but are printed in a unique fashion…

There’s definitely a lot happening this coming weekend. On Friday night I for one am having an art exhibition opening a few blocks down the street at the White Canvas Gallery which is where I will be before X&Y.

If you don’t have Harmony’s debut album yet, bring a few extra bucks to the show and get it!

Before then you can check them out here: Harmony Bandcamp

Or at these various facebook pages cause that’s where people seem to hang out these days.
Harmony Facebook
Waiting Room Facebook
X&Y Facebook

Kellie Lloyd: Magnetic North

A few months ago I was asked by a friend and great local musician Kellie Lloyd (she’s also in the rad Brisbane band Screamfeeder) to help her with the visual element of her forthcoming solo album. She commissioned me to do a series of woodcuts and after listening to her album ‘Magnetic North’ there definitely were a wealth of ideas.

Kellie liked some of the those ideas and a few of the woodcuts are starting to crop up on her posters for gigs that she’s doing around the country. Here’s a sneak peak of one of those woodcuts.

The print is called ‘Made Of Stars’ and comes from a song on her album which is looking to come out early next year but she is launching a flexi-disc single in the coming weeks so you should go check it out!

Kellie’s Facebook page

Kellie has also made herself a video for the song…

We Are made Of Stars from Kellie Lloyd – Magnetic North on Vimeo.

I can’t wait to hear… and see the final album! I’ll be sure to blab all about it on here!

It’s all just ink anyway…

I like tattoos. I have a couple of them now and have been slowly acquiring them over the last 17 years. One thing that making woodcuts has done has been to shift my impulse of making the transient image permanent, from tattoos to paper. I often see pretty images or have a strong emotional connection to something with a defining visual element and think “that would make a great tattoo here”. Sometime later, It might in fact make a great woodcut – a process I am now familiar with.

But recently I had a moment of life imitating art imitating life where my love of Mexican culture and their unique spiritual beliefs (as well as the brilliant artistic stylings of Mike Giant) morphed into a tattoo that I wanted to get. A few sessions later my friend Tim decorated my forearm with a sugar-skull, some roses in red and black and scroll in Spanish. This is the side of my arm with the sugar-skull…

I love the tattoo and after looking at it for a few weeks I got the idea of trying a woodcut of… well of my new tattoo. I made some adjustments seeing as I was working on flat rectangular surface and not my skinny old arm. I’m real happy with the print. Both colours are off the one block too.

I gave Tim a print today to say thank you for the the great work he did. I’ll now file this one away seeing as I already get to look at it everyday. Looks like my love affair with ink won’t dry up any time soon!

The Empty Set

The Empty Set is a group exhibition that I am going to be a part of Next month.

I will have a number of prints on both paper and cloth on show including a collaboration I did with my good friend Murdoch. For those of you who were able to attend my exhibition at Nine Lives with Murdoch earlier this year, you will recognise some of the pieces I will have on show.

The show is being held at the White Canvas Gallery in Fortitude Valley. It’s on Church St ( just off Wickham St 200mtrs before you hit Emporium).

This is the invite…

For those who can make it along on the opening Friday night (of what looks to be a busy weekend of music related events in Brisbane). There will be a live set by Collapsed Ankles. Now while that name might not be familiar, it is in fact musician Lance Sinclair who’s music I’ve enjoyed for a lot of years. I’m pretty stoked to see him play as he does so very infrequently.

Facebook Event

White Canvas Gallery

This Book Belongs To…

If I told you that I’d been really slack of late, I’d only be half lying. Really slack at blogging (as I was informed of today) but truth be known I have completed at least eight woodcuts over the last few months and that’s not slack in my world.

I’d love to show you everything that’s been under the knife but quite a few of the pieces I have been working on have been illustrations on commission so I will have to wait to give you the run down. Still there have been a numerous projects going on simultaneously and some have been completed.

Months ago a friend of E. asked if I could make some bookplates for her little girl and her much loved and growing book collection. I made a start sometime ago but only finished them off a few days ago.

Now the tradition of book plates (or Ex-Libris as it’s also known) has a long and beautiful history. Recently the British Museum released a book Ex-Libris: The Art Of Bookplates which showed just how detailed and beautiful this tiny art medium can be. Mine were a really good test at carving out a block that small (around 10cm) as opposed to my usual 30-40cm blocks. I pretty happy with how they turned out. I’m hoping that the little lady who is recieving them also enjoys inscribing her name upon them.

So that’s one project. Soon I’ll show you a print I’ve done for one of my favourite Australian bands. A t-shirt I’ve done for one of my favourite local bands and my favourite recent woodcut which has turned out to be art imitating life imitating art.

Also I am part of a group exhibition in December. More on that in my next update.


I had never really thought about my woodcuts ending up on clothing until recently. Then before I knew it in quick succession, I had three different woodcut images boldly plastered on complete strangers. It’s a funny thing standing at a gig (like when I went and saw Helmet the other week) and there is some fellow I’ve never seen before wearing a t-shirt with my woodcut on it.

This is a t-shirt for my band, No Anchor. When we released our record recently I did the cover art and it was decided by the band to take that cover image and adapt it to a t-shirt to go with said album.

Die On Planes are a relatively unknown but completely mind-melting band based here in Brisbane. They asked me to design up a t-shirt for them. I went with amps because Die On Planes are all about amps, lots and lots of amps. You should check them out live and take some earplugs just for good measure.

This one, I have to say is my favourite and came as quite a surprise. I was asked to do up artwork for a seven-inch single by the Melbourne band Harmony. This in itself was a great and rewarding experience but when the band arrived in Brisbane to launch their record a few months later, they pulled out a whole box of these t-shirts. I didn’t know they’d made them but lucky for all of us they’re great looking t-shirts and I was just stoked for my girlfriend and I to have one to wear. She looks great in it but I haven’t gotten up the courage to wear mine yet. It feels a bit to much like self promotion.

Who knows what’s next… teatowels?