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Online & Available Now!


Firing up the site again! Just like my online Etsy store which I have restocked with over 50 of my woodcut prints.
Over there you will find artwork spanning the past eight years and many prints that I have not made available online before now. Handmade and highly affordable, this is artwork I have made for love, for friends, bands, clothing and everything in between!
Click on the link above and have a look around.
…and make sure to stop back here as I get back into the swing of things, showing art in progress, behind the scenes stuff and telling stories about the medium I am happily obsessed with!
Cheers, A.

Handcrafted to be ignored

I just read this great article about a fellow in Iowa who handmakes Kozo paper and I felt like sharing it…

The article ‘Can a Papermaker Help to Save Civilization?’ is from the New York Times. Read it HERE

This is the stuff I love more and more these days. Tales of craftsman who spend their time honing their skills and making things of great worth that still most would overlook as but the most common of physical items.