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Online & Available Now!


Firing up the site again! Just like my online Etsy store which I have restocked with over 50 of my woodcut prints.
Over there you will find artwork spanning the past eight years and many prints that I have not made available online before now. Handmade and highly affordable, this is artwork I have made for love, for friends, bands, clothing and everything in between!
Click on the link above and have a look around.
…and make sure to stop back here as I get back into the swing of things, showing art in progress, behind the scenes stuff and telling stories about the medium I am happily obsessed with!
Cheers, A.

Open For Buisness

Well.. opening myself up to sell my woodcut prints.

Seeing as I haven’t, up until now had much of an outlet for my prints to go to new homes and new walls outside of my somewhat infrequent art shows, I finally got around to setting up an online store. I’ve used the crafty, handmade website Etsy to house my little shop. All prints are sold unframed and posted to the person buying.

I’ve just started putting prints up in the shop. 16 or so for the moment but I will be adding more prints to the shop over the coming weeks and months. I’ll also be putting up little projects that take my fancy like artist books, calenders and whatever crazy idea makes it through to fruition.

At this point in time It looks like the second half of 2013 will be the next time I will have a solo show in Brisbane of new prints. Last week in the lead up to opening my online store I did a small stocktake of what I had spread across numerous art folders. I’ve discovered that between May 2008 and August 2012 I have carved 109 woodcuts and printed several hundred prints. That’s virtually a new woodcut every fortnight for the last four years.

So if there is anything that you have previously seen of mine that you have liked and considered adding to your home, well now could be the time to look into it. Thankfully because there are no gallery commission fees and no framing costs, the prints are quite a bit cheaper than they have been in the past.

Anyway, click on the Etsy logo and have a look around but be warned, there are lots of pretty things on Etsy and you can easily get both lost and distracted!