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New Works On Show


If you’re in Brisbane (The Valley/New Farm to be exact) this Friday night, then at Doggett St Gallery is a group Christmas show that I’m a part of. I have three new woodblock etchings and one coloured Woodcut. The show is for 24hrs only, starts at 6pm Friday and should you wish to purchase something, you can take it home from 8pm that night. Cool huh!

There’s some awesome artists also showing and just as the title infers, all works are 30cm by 30cm or smaller.
Might See you there 🙂


All Creatures Big & Small

In a few weeks time I’m going to be part of christmas show at a local gallery that I like a lot called Doggett St Gallery. Their annual christmas group show is always themed around all of the images being no more than 30x30cm (12×12 inches) in size. I’ve been going to these shows for some years now but this is going to be the first time I’ve ever been a part of one.

I tried one block recently only to realise that it was going to be to big, so I set myself a challenge to try to do a woodblock etching or something as close as I could get to one seeing as I’ve only done woodcuts up til now. I got my hands on three end rounds of Qld Maple that were between 15 and 20cm in diameter and off I went.

The first one I tried turned out all right, if not a little messy (or freehand) for what I was hoping. The second one I tried turned out much better and last Saturday I sat down and designed up one last one in what became a themed series of the sea. On Sunday I had lunch, sat down and four hours later I had this block of a turtle in stormy seas:


I was quite happy with how it turned out and not to make a big deal out of it, the thing that made me so pleased is that a bit over a year ago I tried to do a turtle to the best of my ability and… well I kinda failed at it as far as I was concerned (at the time).


Now after printing my new turtle I made some adjustments and added some lines so that he/she sat down in the water a bit more. This is the final print:


I know it might not be christmasy but that’s not really bothering me at the moment. I’m just happy to have succeeded on a block so small. However now I’m back to starting something large again, more animals, only twice the size of these.


A healthy mornings work.