Have Owl, Will Travel

So over the last month or two I have been working away on quite a large owl woodcut that I designed. This block was interrupted a few times by other woodcuts that came calling but this week I finally finished and printed it. I am very chuffed at how well it turned out seeing as I found it to be really challenging not only in the carving but in trying to push my style in new directions.

Here is the Artist Proof with the block.


More often than not I usually either print an edition or put it all away and come back to it months or years from now in preparation for hanging in a frame on a wall somewhere. This time however I shared it with folks on my Facebook page and was encouraged by the positive response. This led me to think about cheaper/better ways to share what I’ve made. From this I’ve decided to try something new – I’m going to make a limited edition run of t-shirts of our new avian friend.

This is what the woodcut will look like once it’s hand screenprinted onto the t-shirts.


…and this is how the t-shirt will look on the front and the back.


I have decided to set this all up as a strictly two week pre-order. The pre-order period will start Friday 11th October and close Friday 25th October. Go to…


…and you will be able to pre-order the t-shirt in your preferred size. Please note I am currently only planning for this to be a one off run. Once the two week pre-order period has passed, I will take everyone’s orders and go get the t-shirts printed. Once that’s done I will ship them out to everyone.

So yeah, thanks for reading and I hope you’re interested in this little experiment/offer. I think these t-shirts will look really cool.











  1. i think your work is beautiful, and it has inspired me to sharpen my woodcut tools again, x

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