Inspiration old and new

There are some great exhibitions showcasing woodcuts happening in Brisbane at the moment. The most noteworthy being the Woodcuts of Albrecht Durer at the Queensland Art Gallery (at Southbank) and Cressida Campbell at Phillip Bacon Gallery (in Fortitude Valley).

The Durer Woodcuts feature his series titled ‘The Apocalypse. The show ends this Sunday! Read below for the actual story…







The proposed Acquisition plaque below the didactic refers to the fact that the Qld Art Gallery owns 11 of the 16 woodcuts in the series and they are trying to buy the final panels to complete the series. As we all know, collecting that final pieces of the puzzle/collection is always the hardest.  There’s more on the QAGOMA website

Across town in the valley is the latest exhibition from Sydney printmaker Cressida Campbell. Campbell has over the last three decades developed her own printing technique which mixes white-line woodcutting with watercolour painting to create very beautiful images. Also on display are some uncut woodblocks. I loved seeing the sketches but it lead me to wonder why on earth they hadn’t been carved. Still, here are two of my favourites and you can see the whole exhibition going to PHILLIP BACON‘s website. Go check it out!



  1. Thank you so much for sharing these exhibitions with us. I love Cressida Campbell’s work and the clever technique she has developed. Karen

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