Holding Onto An Unknown World – Artist Book No.5

So I’ve been hinting through facebook and updating the site here over the past few days (check out the new Artist Book page in the top right corner)  about my latest creation/distraction – I’ve made another artist book!

This one was the most fun of the five I’ve made so far and the easiest (a good thing to finally be able to say). Creatively different from my previous books but also looking back over my shoulder a bit and giving a nod to two recurring themes that are now impossible for me to miss with my woodcuts.

This book is officially called a ‘Do-Si-Do’ book. I’m just calling it a double sided book because there’s a front book and a back book…

Artist Book 2013-3

The front is showcasing many of the portraits I’ve done over the last four plus years. I love doing portraits and they are still the hardest of all the subject matter I’ve tried my hand at. I hope to do hundreds more over the coming years.

Speaking of trying my hand… The second side is filled with woodcuts themed around hands. I still don’t know why I do woodcuts of hands so much but it is fascinating to me. This is how we physically touch the world we see and how we give and take so much of what’s around us. The hands are so many different things and I guess I’m exploring just some of what those things might be.

The book itself incorporates 27 woodcuts produced between 2008 and 2013. Entirely designed, compiled and hand-bound by me – I’ve decided to limit it to only 20 hand-numbered copies.

Artist Book 2013-1

Because I’m addicted to making things as special as I can, I’ve also carved out an exclusive woodcut that is in the back of the book. I have no plans to make this original print available elsewhere so I like to think it’s a pretty nice way to either introduce people to what I do or for those who already know – collect together some of my art that I’m really quite proud of.

The images that make up this book can be encapsulated in a quote I’ve paraphrased from elsewhere and adorned on the back cover of the book “The people you never quite know. They’re the places you wanted to go.”

Artist Book 2013-2

Most importantly, you can get your hands on this book two ways. You can go to my ETSY SHOP and buy it there and I’ll send it to you or if you go into the bookstore in the Gallery Of Modern Art at southbank, you can have a look through it and buy it there!


  1. May 15th, 2013

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