Best Wishes

When it was suggested to me recently to make greeting cards that had my woodcuts on it I thought “sure, why not.” I’d never thought of doing it before but looking at these cards, I have to say that I think they look really good.

There are four different types and they are all blank on the inside and produced on good heavy duty textured card stock. While they are not hand printed from the blocks (which were originally A4 or A3 in size) I’ve been careful to keep the original colours and hues of the prints.

I’ve put them in the Bookstore at the Queensland Art Gallery and in Absolutely Fabulous in the Woolloongabba Antique precinct. The cards are $4.95 each.

I know no one writes letters anymore but when was the last time you sent or received a special card from someone for no reason? That’s what I’d do with them, send them to my friends just to tell them that I think they’re great!

  1. I think I was probably one of many to suggest this concept. AND you could sell them on Etsy if you felt so inclined. When I’m over at the art gallery, I will definitely buy some. I write people letters all the time; it really is the only way to convey something of meaning to people you care about who live an ocean away.

  2. Beautiful! I’ll have to stop in this week to pick some up.

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