Sing a start to the year

Sometimes woodcuts take a long time to make, sometimes a once in a generation flood hits your town and you find your work inundated and yourself with a week or two unexpected weeks off. Well Lets just say that this year has been a weird one so far for my town of Brisbane. Once I’d helped clean up my work as much as I was allowed and assisted some of my friends, I found myself at home with time on my hands.

One of the things that made me smile a lot during the three months of constant rain (which caused the damn floods) was the Currowongs that would sit in the fig tree outside the window and sing. They have such a beautiful song and they always make me feel good about the world. Well as the sun shone for the first time and the water levels reseeded, the Currowongs were still there singing their daily song. So I decided a week ago to honour them with a woodcut. I really wanted it to be coulourful and beautiful. Up until now, the best woodcut (in my opinion) that I’ve done was one of my typewriter. I wanted this one to be as good!

I finished this today. I think it is as good.

This was the day by day progress. Seven days to carve the block and another day to paint it with Gouache. This is the first attempt I’ve made properly hand colouring a woodcut. I don’t think it will be the last.

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I’m also happy because this is, in a way, part two to this woodcut I did a little over a year ago. Same tree, same family of birds…

  1. you are an amazing and weird dude.

  2. I think that would look exquisite printed black on to brown paper (like the colour of plain wrapping paper). Beautiful. Wish I knew how to do this…

  3. This is beautiful tribute to the Currawongs. I’m a Brisso and was so devastated to hear about the floods and hope you didn’t loose too much of your artwork ! Jo

  1. December 27th, 2012

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