A Pretty Good Year

Wow, it’s been a hell of a year art wise. Last night I sat down and took stock of what I’d made and what had gone onto onto the wonderful walls of other peoples homes. I’ve had some many adventures and new discoveries with my woodcut pastime and so so many kind words said about this thing I’ve grown to love so much. As I go into 2011, it’s become such a happily compulsive pastime. I haven’t made a new woodcut in a little over two weeks and it’s all I’m itching to do right now. With it being 33 degrees (Celsius)  outside right now, I figure it’s in my best interests to stay indoors anyway.

Here’s some stats that brought both shock and a smile to my face.

  • I’ve made 22 woodcuts this year (so far, we might make it 23 by new years)
  • The quickest one took me 3 1/2 hours. The longest one took me eight and a half weeks (I stopped counting after the hours got to 100)
  • I’ve exhibited my work five times this year (in Melbourne and Brisbane).
  • I’ve sold to date 55 works this year.
  • I’ve definitly covered the cost of materials (which is definitly a win in my book)

So a huge show of thanks has to go out to everyone who came to one of my shows and told me they liked what I did or even more, decided to take something home. I never know what to say when someone tells me want to buy a print other than “thanks” and “sure”. but it’s pretty encouraging. I mean I know I like what I make but who knows about anyone else.

The highlight of the year should be the (close to) sold out solo show I had in June this year at Doggett Street Studio but no, the awesome event that knocked me for six was when a good friend sent me a photo of one of their friends…

Yep, that’s a fresh tattoo of one of my woodcuts. The fellow in question did ask me if I minded and I gave him full permission to do as he wished but that didn’t dampen the surprise when I saw this. My friend Tim who did the tattoo even reproduced the woodgrain and the brilliant blue ink that I had mixed perfectly. Funny enough, I always thought I’d be the first person to get one of my woodcuts as a tattoo but alas, that’s not the case now.

And so as I enter 2011, I continue the large-scale woodcut triptych that I’m collaborating on with my friend Murdoch Stafford and I continue to try to keep up with the ideas that keep on coming.

This is a photo of the corner of my bedroom today. It has swelled and shrunk as the year has gone on as works come and go.

…and more work is being made as commission jobs pop up and projects continue. Here’s hoping that 2011 is as good to me as 2010 has been!

Happy New Year everyone.


    • Gayle Wohlken
    • December 18th, 2010

    I’m always impressed by your work, Alex. It was a good year, indeed!

    ~~ Gayle from Baren

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