And The Lovers Make A Scene

My best friend Heinz, is launching his new 7″ record tonight. It’s the first installment from his forthcoming full-length record. The music he makes is wondrous in a 60s Scott Walker style even though it’s usually stripped down to real Leonard Cohen vibe when he plays live. He’s launching this at Doggett St Studios, Friday 8th October and in a novel (and visually awesome) turn, he is going to be displaying all 200 copies of the 7″ at the gallery as well as perform a few songs…

What makes all this pertinent to this blog page is that Heinz commissioned three of his friends to make the coverart for the records of which I was one of them. The others were Stephen Mok and Bo Stahlman. I did a woodcut of one of the characters in the title song ‘And The Lovers Make A Scene’, it was of a girl named Penny and it’s her you can see above. I’ve had a mixed feelings about commission work in the past with it not always going according to plan but I have to say that this one worked out perfectly and I’m really proud to have done something creative with Heinz.

If you can’t make it Doggett St Studios in the next three weeks (which is how long they’ll be hanging), you can go to Heinz’s website to nab one of the records:

Here’s some nice promo from Brisbane’s daily paper, The Courier Mail:

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