Ok, this is a bit of a strange tale but it seemed like a good idea at the time (and still does as a matter of fact).

So back in October a wonderful friend of mine, Patience sent me a link to a website where a boy had bet his friend that he could get a million pictures of giraffes. Well, this kid was almost half way to his target and for some reason, I got the idea to do a giraff for him as well. The one rule of this boys project was that the giraffes had to be hand made by people, as in no photographs or computer generated images. We’re talking, drawing, painting, whatever, so long as the image was hand made. Well thankfully that includes woodblock prints too!

So fast forward a while (cause these things take time as I’m sure you’re aware) and with some time on my hands over the holiday period, I sat down and designed up an image that I thought was fun and well… kind of an innocent image, just something that was nice. Here is what I finished and printed 48hrs ago…

and here’s what it came from…

I’ve emailed the print to the giraffe collector (wherever in the world he is). This is a nice one to end the year on. Thanks need to go out to everyone that helped me over the last year further my hobby of relief printing and everyone who was so supportive coming to my art show, everyone (all over the world) who bought one of my prints and all the people who have said nice and encouraging things about all that I’ve done so far. I can’t wait to see what 2010 bring for me in this medium.



  1. This is fantastic, Alex! What a great contribution to the boy’s million giraffes! Your block is beautiful, too.

  2. Lovely print! and thanks for introducing us to the project (although it’s not actually a boy; it’s a 24 year old web designer, here’s the story: – still a great project).

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