One day at a time

A friend asked me how long my typewriter print took me to do. Normally I’d reply with a time span of weeks given that I’m usually slow at these things. This time however it was actually only a matter of days from start to finish.

Usually I’d sit down for around two hours a day and work on the block. Along the way, at the end of each day I took a photo of my progress. I figured I’d break whatever mysterious  spell art is supposed to to have and show you my day by day progress.

The idea was about a month in the formulating, swirling about my head until I pulled the typewriter down off the bookshelf. After sketching the typewriter and my hands onto the block, this was the starting point…

The Start:

End of Day 1:

There is no day 2 or 3 because I was to busy to sit down and concentrate.

End of Day 4:

End of Day 5:

End of Day 6:

End of Day 7:

As it turned out, day 8 and 9 were spent at home with an ear infection. It kind of sucked because I couldn’t hear much but it did give me more time to finish this thing off. I think i spent about four hours per day for the last two days cutting away at the block.

End of day 8:

Finished on day 9:

As you can see in the photos, I used a small and medium U shaped cutter and a small V shaped cutter for a lot of this block. The tool that was of the most benefit to me was actually a surgical scalpel. That’s how all the keys and fine inner workings of the typewriter were cut away.

…and here is the block, all inked up in red after the first print was done:


And yes, I think I will do an edition of these some time down the track. Not today though because I’m half way through trying to carve a 1932 Ford Coupe Hot Rod out of a slab of Qld Maple.

  1. I love the old typewriter – I have an old Royal from the 40’s packed away in a closet. My mother used it for 50 years to do all the invoices and such for my father’s business. Your print brings back many memories of Mom sitting at the dining room table with papers everywhere when I came bounding in from school. Great print!

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