Owls (revisited)

A little while back I did up a woodblock of two owls for a special friend. The response I got from both them and from others that saw it was overwhelming. I had a print in my recent show and quite a few people wanted a copy even though there was only one available (sorry).


So I decided to revisit the owls about a month ago, but of course, I didn’t want to just repeat myself. I decided to do something a little more detailed and not quite so cute. I found some old National Geographic’s and of course (as is the way with me) let things get out of hand. The result is below and it’s a lot more detailed than I originally planned but it seems to have worked out alright.

The first one is hand painted with watercolours.

Owls Painted Sml

The second is made up of multiple blocks to show a background and mid-ground with the owls in the foreground.

Owls Combined Sml
It’s been really challenging and should I get a good print on the Dutch Etching paper I bought today, I’ll do a full print with colour. Don’t expect an edition though.

    • Georgina
    • August 30th, 2009

    This print is wonderful. You are becoming even more amazing at this medium. Keep going!!!

  1. Great print Alex – really good use of line in the clouds, beautiful!

  2. OK – not sure if my last comment got through, had a wee spot of trouble with the “enter” key at the inappropriate moment!!

    Anyway, lovely work! You’re very gifted, and it seems that woodblock really works for your artistic vision. Thanks for linking to my blog so I could find you – I’ve added you to my Squidoo page on printmaking artists. Feel free to drop me a line; I used to live in Brissie for a little while, and kind of miss it.

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