What a blurrrrrrrr…..

The morning after the night before… I wish I’d taken photos!

I can’t thank enough, everyone who came by the gallery last night and checked it all out. I had such an awesome (if not overwhelming) time. New friends, old friends, work friends, people I’d never met before, people I hadn’t talked to in years – it was such a blast to hang out with everyone and I know I didn’t even get to talk to some folks.

A big shout out has to go to Nine Lives for helping me make it all happen.

The photos below were taken by Nine Lives so thanks goes to them for the snaps. It’s weird today seeing as most of the show sold last night so a lot of these pieces that I’m attached to are now going to new homes. Still, I dig that, it’s a nice feeling.

I did up two editions of prints. One titled ‘Salute’ of which there’s still 2 prints available and ‘My Friend’ of which there’s still 4 prints available (if you’re interested). 🙂


All photos by: Dutch Courage

  1. Great work! Hopefully will be able to get in tomorrow to see it in person but if not thanks for posting too!

  1. December 31st, 2009

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