An Empty House

Well, I got home a little while a go from the Gallery. Everything is hanging on the walls there and the corner of the bedroom is a vast wasteland of new found space (where the art’s been piling up for the last year. Tomorrow I’m sure I’ll spend five hours making sure everything is straight (well… five minutes maybe). It feels good having the show all but ready to go. I’m wildly biased but, I have to say that it all looks great up there in Nine Lives.

Also, please note… NINE LIVES IS OPEN FROM 12NOON FRIDAY! So if you’re unable to drop by Friday night, then stop in early. Otherwise anytime Saturday and Sunday afternoon, the gallery will be open.


    • Jenny Kelly
    • October 7th, 2009

    You cetainly are a talented fellow! I love the work.
    Jenny’s tips.
    Any tertiary institution library that offers printmaking courses will have much better books than your local library.
    The Japanese carving tools bought from baren’s shop are the best tools by far. The only place in Aus that I have found them sells them for nearly three times the cost of the Baren Mall’s.
    Melbourne is the capital of printmaking in Aus.
    Places to buy printmaking stuff in Aus
    1. Neil Wallace printmaking supplies
    2. Melbourne etching supplies
    These places are both in Melbourne, and offer a greaat service.
    Both these stores have sales once or twice a year. Great prices on paper.
    I suspect Georgia Carter-Leahy is from Brisbane.
    I am from Newcastle NSW
    Jan Telfer is from WA
    ???? Kristensen is from Sydney.
    Brisbane is the capital of Qld, and the fastest? growing city in Aus. My little town?????

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