New Found Friends

Today I went out to Impress Studio and had a lunch/bbq/get together with lots of the other members of the printmakers’ collective. For me it was just a joy to enthusiastically talk to other people about relief printing, woodblocks, funny little things like how to sharpen tools properly and sharing names of other amazing artists in the medium. I liked how open and friendly everyone. I felt a little nervous at first but soon realised hours had passed.

The only downside to the afternoon is that I don’t remember everyone’s name. But I do remember the names of two wonderful and highly talented ladies (Natasha Scott and
Georgina Carter-Leahy). They also have/do work with woodblocks and even share some of the same frustrations that I have recently felt. It’s funny, it wasn’t till after I left today that I realised a very impressive, large lino-print I was looking at a few weeks ago in a gallery was Georgina’s. Amazing.

Also I found a new friend in Craig, he’s part of the music scene here in Brisbane and I know I’ve seen him play in different bands for some time now but it was only recently we connected over woodblock art. He, like myself, is teaching himself and learning his own way.

I no longer can claim to be the only person round town into this. I feel good knowing other people who are part of this, folks who can talk and teach each other different tricks of the trade (so to speak).

  1. Hi Alex! Nice to meet you at the Impress get-together too. Hoping to get in and see your show either Friday night or over the weekend! You’re more than welcome to come along to the ‘Press Party’ I’m having this Saturday too – invite at my blog if you are interested.

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