I spend a good chunk of the weekend working away on a woodblock that I decided to do nine months ago but knew at the time that I didn’t have the skill level to do properly. Some 25 blocks later, I decided to finally make an attempt at a portrait of the late Bruce ‘Utah’ Phillips and here’s the results. To be honest I’m pretty chuffed!

So here’s the block when I finished carving it. It took about 20hrs (over 3&1/2 days) in total to carve it.




Here’s the block after I had inked it up.


…and the corresponding print.



As I said, I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. I think I’m actually looking forward to showing all these to people when I have an exhibition. It looks like it will be at the end of July.


  1. Hello, I am so delighted to come across you!
    You are a fantastic woodcarver.
    I fancy I am one myself, but your cutting skills are far superior.

    Congrats on your show.
    Hope to chat more. I’m with impress too.
    Would you be open to running a workshop on woodcutting?


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